Welcome aboard the ‘My Life Planning Portfolio’ !

Life Planning Education at schools aims to help students know better about themselves, devise plans for personal development, set and modify goals through self-reflection, and grasp various study and career pathways, so that students can make wise choices for future study or employment.

There is no shortcut for life planning. It is important for you to record your experience so that you can look back on your lives, identify your characteristics and explore your ideal careers. To start this life planning journey, you can do some career assessments e.g. the Career Interest Inventory Test and the Basic Interest Maker Test, so that you can know better your interests and strengths. The assessment results can be a reference for your planning and rethinking your future development. You can also use the Shine • My Profile to record your journey of life planning and create your own profiles and portfolios.

Moreover, there are 12 sessions of online materials and videos to guide your life planning learning journey. Please click My E-lesson for details. These online materials can also be used by teachers for conducting life planning education lessons. Please click the Professional Development Programme (for teachers) for details.

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